Playing live tomorrow at the opening of EMAF in Osnabrück with Marsen Jules.

Marsen jules and me will be performing at the opening of the European Media Arts Festival tommorow night in Osnabrück with an audiovisuel performance alongside Marcus Fjellström and Origamibiro.

Event/Party / Do, 24. April 2014 | 20:00 / Bergkirche Osnabrück
Die Veranstaltungsreihe versteht sich als Forum für Klangkunst in Verbindung mit visuellen Medien. Eingeleitet wird das Programm in der eindrucksvollen Kulisse des Bergkirche mit den britischen Audio-Visual Kollektiv Origamibiro. Getragen wird die Performance von einer Vielzahl von Instrumenten, ungewöhnlicher Apparaturen im Dialog mit Videozuspielungen. Marcus Fjellström studierte Komposition und gehört zu der jungen Generation von Komponisten, die die visuellen Möglichkeiten des Films mit vielfältigen musikalischen Einflüssen von komplexer elektronischer Musik, Filmscores und impressionistischen Kompositionen frei von Genrezwängen verbinden. Der deutsche Komponist und Ambientkünstler Marsen Jules präsentiert in Kooperation mit den schwedischen Videokünstler Anders Weberg eine audiovisuelle Performance, die auf dichterischem Minimalismus, visueller Abstraktion und tief emotionalen Melodien basiert.


Screening in Seoul


25 APRIL 2014 – 30 APRIL 2014 /


Pink Gallery, Seoul, La Corée Du Sud


Pink Gallery presents TIME is Love.7 [Show 3] - International video art program curated by Kisito Assangni.

TIME is Love is a video art project gathering several artists, and has traveled to major cities in the world from New York to Tehran, Paris and now Seoul. Preoccupied with love, the project represents love stripped from its traditional clichés and timeless idealism. Each of the artists leads an interdisciplinary practice bringing a questioning and a criticism on a system of relation to others which appears to us as being dying.

Taking these ambivalent feelings as a starting point, the artists develop their own language according to their sensibility and history. The selected videos deal with prevented communications, disturbed feelings, globalisation, memory and spirituality. As a result, each video inspires the viewer to question the normative understandings of relationships in the occidental world.


Alexis Milne & Tom Bresolin (UK), Amina Zoubir (Algeria), Anahita Razmi (Iran),  Anders Weberg (Sweden), Anne Lise Stenseth (Norway), Antonello Matarazzo (Italy), Arnaud Brihay (France), Belle Shafir (Israel), Carlo Giuseppe Zuozo (Italy), Eva Olsson (Sweden), Francesca Leoni (Brazil), Gianluca Capozzi (Italy), Evelin Stermitz (Austria), Guli Silberstein (Israel), Grace Kim (Korea), Irina Gabiani (Luxembourg), Jose-Man Lius (France), Justyna Scheuring (Poland), Laura Focarazzo (Argentina), Marcello Mercado (Germany), Marie-Paule Bilger (France), Marina Fomenko (Russia), Margarida Paiva (Portugal), Matthias Mollner (Austria), Maximilian Schmoetzer & Fabian Heitzhausen (Germany), Max Hattler (Germany), Monica Elkelv (UK), Nao Sakamoto (Japan), Nina Lassila (Finland), Otto Berchem (USA), Rahman Hak-Hagir (Afghanistan), Rehema Chachage (Tanzania), Robert Croma (UK), Riham Isaac (Palestine), Said Afifi (Morocco), Said Rais (Morocco), Sandra Bouguerch (UK), Saul Levine (USA), Sheri Wills (USA), Simone Stoll (Germany), S/N Coalition (USA), Sylvia Toy St-Louis (USA), Tina Hochkogler (Austria), Veronique Mouysset (France), William Esdale (UK).


About the curator
Kisito Assangni is a Togolese-French curator and producer who studied photography, art history and museology. Currently living between London, Paris and Lomé, his practice primarily focuses on psycho-geography and post-globalisation impact on contemporary african cultures. His projects have been shown internationally including the Whitechapel Gallery, Ben Uri Museum, London; Arnot Art Museum, New York; Malmo Konsthall, Malmo, Sweden; National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow; Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland; Motorenhalle Centre for Contemporary Art, Dresden, Germany among others. Kisito has participated in symposia, talks and events at numerous international venues. He was also member of jury for the Award LETTERS FROM THE SKY in Cape Town (South Africa) as well as the 28th Prix VIDEOFORMES in Clermont-Ferrand (France). Kisito is the founder/curator of TIME is Love Screening and Project [SFIP] – Platform for critical thinking, researching and presenting video art from Africa.


Pink Gallery & Art Consulting

Seoul, SuChoKu SuChoDong 1460-21, 2nd Fl, South, Korea



Screening 7 videos at Störung 9, Barcelona.

I will have a special solo screening with 7 of my videos at the Störung Festival 9 in Barcelona tomorrow.
More info about the festival below.

This will be premiere screening for the only piece I have done after the burial of my 22 year old son André 3 months ago. You can watch it here.

Numb (2014) Duration: 01.04
Sincerely Yours (2012) Duration: 01.10
Absent IX (2013) Duration 00:32
Emptiness (2011) Duration 03:00
Impressions [Visby] (2010) Duration: 03:03
Impressions [La Nemodujar de Atocha] (2013) Duration: 03.00
Sinfullness (2012) Duration: 1.17



Experimental Electronic Music
and Visual Arts Festival
Barcelona, Spain.

Experimental Electronic Music and Visual Arts Festival

The ninth festival of experimental electronic music and visual arts organized by the platform Störung will start next Wednesday 9th of April offering us, during four days, the performances, workshops, screenings and conferences of outstanding national and international artists of the electronic and experimental scene.

This festival wants to offer the audience the chance of getting to know in detail different tendencies of the electronic music scene, continuing the work that the multidisciplinary platform Störung has been doing since 2006.

La Farinera del Clot
Gran Vía de les Corts, 837
Metro: Glóries (L1)
See map
TMB Universitat
Metro: Universitat (L1 & L2)
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